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So You Want To Get Into The New Marijuana Industry: What You Need To Know

The new marijuana industry in California that is coming on line beginning January 1, 2018, will create market disruptions in the current scheme of cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of ...
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Beware Marijuana Business Scammers

The medical marijuana industry is growing rapidly. As a result, the number of scammers has increased along with the growth. These scammers include people who promise to find locations to open a ...
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To Incorporate or not to Incorporate?

Many people believe that, in order to comply with State Medical marijuana laws, they must incorporate in order to "open a store front or be a delivery service". Many lawyers, either through ...
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What are the penalties for marijuana possession in California?

In California, possession of cannabis or any other form of marijuana is a crime, unless you have a valid medical marijuana card. Penalties for a conviction will depend on the amount of marijuana with ...
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Court of Appeals Rules Against Dispensary

On March 29, 2013, the Second District Division Eight of the California Court of Appeal ruled that the City of Agoura Hills was within its right to ban medical marijuana “dispensaries” as ...
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Should I Open a Dispensary?

Our clients are constantly asking us the same question. They say - “Is it a good time to open a storefront dispensary?” Or something like - “Obama just got re-elected – what ...
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How the EDD Could Shut You Down

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) is on the hunt for what it callsunderground economy operations. And that could mean you. To the EDD bureaucrats, these 'underground ...
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Bernie - Murder or Manslaughter?

Lawyers are constantly on TV and in the movies. Pop culture is inundated with dramatic depictions of lawyers screaming in courtrooms and preserving justice in the nick of time. We’ve all seen ...
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Hello everyone and welcome to our Blog. Our goals here are pretty simple, so this shouldn't take long at all. Basically, we want to make the law a little more accessible. Understanding what is ...
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