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What Is a Qualified Patients Association?


Have you ever wondered exactly what an "association" is? What function does it serve? Why are all the dispensaries I see named "Something Patients Association?" Well, our clients often ask us the same questions and here's what we tell them.


The Qualified Patients Association - for example the Ultimate Farmers Organics Patients Association - is a not for profit, unincorporated, member-operated legal entity. It is established for the benefit of its qualified medical marijuana members under the Medical Marijuana Program Act (or Health and Safety Code 11362.7).


The term "association" has a legal meaning and is different from a partnership, a corporation, or other legally formed entities. In other words, an association is a type of legally recognized entity organized under California law. The definition of an association is an organization composed of a group of people partaking in general form and mode of procedure of the characteristics of a corporation without the formalities of quasi-corporate organization. Some famous entities that are legally organized as associations are the NFL and the PGA.


In terms of Medical Marijuana, the qualified patients association is a membership organization, addressing the needs of chronically and terminally ill patients and patients with serious medical condition for which a licensed physician has approved or recommended the use of medical cannabis. The Association of medical marijuana patients is authorized by California Health and Safety Code Section 11362.775

The qualified patients association provides education, comprehensive services and resources for its members. Some of these services are of legal support, counseling, family/group support networks and community resources, facilitation of holistic and alternative treatment and/or medicines, including but not limited to, medical cannabis and related products (California Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420 compliant).

In conformity with State law and the Attorney General Guidelines, the Association does not sell marijuana for profit, but is supported by member payments for medicine and associated expenses.

This article is only a brief list of the benefits that accrue to those who organize as an association. If you'd like to learn more feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call. We have been practicing marijuana law in Orange County for a long time. Our Orange County marijuana lawyers love what we do and we're glad to help.

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