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Being charged with a crime is a very serious matter and it requires the representation of a trusted criminal defense attorney. At Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation, we are proud to have assisted thousands of clients in obtaining the outcomes to their criminal cases that they desire.

We have more than 75 years of experience and are proud to be the top choice for trusted criminal defense. With consistent, reliable results and effective legal counsel, you can trust in our team to provide you with the outcome that you need. Call us at (714) 684-6922 or submit an online form to begin working with our lawyers.

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When your future is on the line, it is important that you contact Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation right away. Our team of trusted criminal defense attorneys stands ready to provide you with outstanding representation in your time of need. We have assisted countless SoCal residents in reaching the outcomes that they desire and we may be able to help you as well.

Our main attorney, Anthony Curiale has more than 37 years of experience alone and as a team, we have 77 years of collective experience in representing clients. If you have been charged with a criminal act, you can contact an attorney from Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation by phone or email.

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Our Orange County criminal defense lawyers have represented more than 200 criminal trials to verdict and have an in-depth understanding of the California criminal laws. Our general strategy in taking on cases is to understand your charges, what results you are seeking and create a strong defense for your situation. If you find yourself facing any of the following charges, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Drug Charges

Any drug charge requires the representation of an aggressive attorney. Charges are generally classified on a sliding scale known as a drug schedule. The lower the schedule is, the higher the penalties can be. If you were arrested for a drug crime, it is important that you work with our firm.

Medical Marijuana

Our firm is proud to be an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana and its patients. We have helped open, represent and defend more than 200 medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California and have a deep understanding of the laws pertaining to medical marijuana operation and usage in the state.


Being charged with a misdemeanor can still have very serious effects on your life. At Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation, we will work hard to represent you in the event of a misdemeanor charge and provide aggressive representation for your case.

We also handle theft crimes, juvenile crimes, felony cases, and any other offense you may be facing!

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