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Multiple DUI Offenders

Seasoned DUI Lawyers Defending Your Charges!

If this is not your first DUI offense, then you need to immediately retain the representation of an attorney. Repeat offenders can be facing an increase in penalties and without the defense of an attorney, your fines, jail time and length of license suspension may be much more serious. It is important that after an arrest, you contact a Brea DUI lawyer from Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation right away.

Our firm has been representing clients in numerous criminal cases since 1982, and we have a successful track record of providing favorable outcomes for DUI cases. We stay up-to-date on the California laws regarding DUI and know what to look for in the prosecutor's case. The retention of our firm can make all the difference with your charges.

California Penalties for a DUI Conviction

Although you may be familiar with the DUI process already, there are some things that will change after your first offense. If the subsequent offense occurred within 10 years of your last conviction, your penalties may significantly increase.

Second-time offenders could be required to attend treatment programs ranging from 18 to 30 months, and their licenses could be suspended up to 1 year.

Third-time offenders will be required to install an interlock ignition device into the vehicle and pay fines up to $18000.

With each repeat offense, the penalties will increase, the jail time will become longer and the license suspension will expand. You could also have your license completely revoked. It is important that you protect yourself by working with our firm after an arrest.

Charged with a 2nd or 3rd DUI?

At Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation, we have 40 Years of collective experience and our attorneys have defended thousands of clients. We take a genuine interest in your case and want to ensure that you are comfortable in our representation. As a small personal firm, our team is able to take the time and meet with you face to face to ensure that your legal goals are addressed and an effective plan is implemented to help you obtain your goals.

Through a thorough investigation into your case, we may be able to provide you with the resolution that you desire. If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, do not hesitate to contact Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation today. Complete a case evaluation form to get in contact with a Brea multiple DUI defense attorney today.

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