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Marijuana businesses are gaining popularity and larger profits in California. In order to run a successful business related to the marijuana industry, owners, managers, and business partners must be constantly up-to-date on a wide variety of laws, regulations, and guidelines. Owners must also know where to place clever investments for strong returns and be capable of creating a recognizable entity within their region. For these reasons and more, if you want to begin a marijuana business, it is crucial that you team up with a professional consultant and lawyer you can rely on.

At Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation, our marijuana attorneys have become trusted names in marijuana law representation all throughout Orange County. Having over a decade of experience dealing in the marijuana industry, we have gained a reputation as a law firm that both wants to protect the rights of marijuana businesses and wants to help them succeed.

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Consulting Services for All Marijuana Businesses

Do you want to create a cultivation company that actually grows marijuana plants in specialized greenhouses and gardens for medical marijuana use? We can tell you all the relevant laws to get your center up and running fast without stepping over any legal boundaries. Do you want to be a manufacturer that takes the cultivated marijuana plants and actually turns them into usable medicinal products? We can tell you who you need to know and talk to you in Southern California to establish business connections and potential. Do you want to open a dispensary and work directly with patients in need of medical marijuana? Our Brea marijuana lawyers can help you deal with forming a business entity or brand.

Maybe you are business savvy and want to do all of the above? Let us help you from start to finish, including the important step of finding investors for your company. No matter what sort of marijuana business you want to start, Anthony Curiale and Associates should be by your side as professional consultants.

    Orange County Attorneys Specializing in Cannabis Law

    Any business venture worth doing is worth doing correctly. Take the first steps into your marijuana company with confidence by enlisting our Orange County marijuana lawyers to be your consultants. With our legal knowledge and business know-how, we can be the ace up your sleeve that takes your future, and profits, to the next level of success.

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