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Every Appeal Starts with a Verdict

At Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation, we provide efficient legal services to our clients. As experienced trial attorneys, we have represented clients for more than 5 decades. If you have been convicted of a crime or been involved in civil litigation involving marijuana, we will discuss your options for filing an appeal. The appeals process in California can be complicated, but our team will walk with you every step of the way.

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Understanding the California Appeals Process

In the state of California, you only have 30 days from the date of the court judgment to file a Notice of Appeal for a misdemeanor crime and 60 days for a felony crime. It is important to act quickly and to hire our trial lawyers to defend your rights. The Notice of Appeal for a misdemeanor charge may be filed in the Appellate Division of the Superior Court. For felony charges, you may file a Notice of Appeal in the Superior Court courtroom where the conviction took place.

If you are in custody at the time you file your notice of appeal, you may be able to petition the court for release from custody while pending your appeal.

An appeal is not a new trial. The court will not:

  • Retry the case
  • Hear witness testimony
  • Accept new evidence

    The appeals process is to determine whether your conviction was lawful or the civil verdict was justified. The court will either uphold the original court judgment or overturn it. If the court affirms the original conviction, you may be able to file a petition for review with the California Supreme Court within 40 days. Our Orange County marijuana lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of federal and state laws and will help you file the necessary documents in a timely manner.

    How Long Does the California Appeals Process Usually Take?

    In general, the criminal appeals process can take several months to several years to reach a resolution. There are several steps to the process, and adequate preparation is essential. Our team will gather the transcripts, draft an opening brief, and present an oral argument in support of your case. The respondent will also provide a written brief and oral argument. The court will then make a determination and issue a formal opinion, either affirming the original court order or overturning it.


    The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation in the Department of Consumer Affairs is renamed the Bureau of Marijuana Control and given chief authority to regulate the industry. The Bureau/DCA is charged with licensing transport, distribution and sale; the Dept of Food and Agriculture with licensing cultivation; and the Dept of Public Health with licensing manufacturing and testing (Sec 26010-12).

    The Bureau is to convene an advisory committee of knowledgeable stakeholders to help develop regulations and issue reports (26014).

    The Governor is to appoint an independent, three-member Appeals Board to adjudicate appeals subject to standard procedures (26040).

    Diligent Legal Services for Your Case

    If you have been convicted of a marijuana drug crime or another type of crime in California or have a civil judgment involving marijuana at issue in your case, Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation is here to help. We will analyze your situation and aggressively defend your rights in the appeals process. With our Orange County marijuana attorneys by your side, you can receive personal legal assistance as you seek a favorable outcome.

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