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Entity Formation and Business Transactions in Orange County

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In order to get a local permit and California state license for a marijuana dispensary, some type of business entity is required. Making the decision about which entity is right for your venture is an important and crucial first step.

Before entering the marijuana industry, consider what business entity will be used to platform the enterprise, that is, you can operate as:

  • Sole proprietor
  • Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Corporation

Where there are multiple investors, consider whether an LLC or Corporation is best for your needs with respect to tax, management, or operational advantages and disadvantages.

Protect Your Business Interests

At some point transactions in the form of contracts between your entity and other businesses and licensees will be required to protect your business interests. Contract negotiations and drafting can be a lengthy and detailed process but are absolutely necessary to protect your business interests.

Because of our Brea marijuana lawyers' extensive knowledge of cannabis law and the marijuana industry from cultivation to retail, Anthony Curiale and Associates, A Professional Corporation can provide advice in both entity formation, transaction negotiation, and contract drafting that is essential to a successful enterprise.

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