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Permitting Marijuana Business in Orange County

Orange County Marijuana Attorneys

Navigating the current landscape of cannabis regulation in California requires capital, courage, and a solid team of professionals. Local jurisdictions that have embraced the industry have continued to impose significant non-refundable fees and strict regulations on permitted businesses.

The first step to success is hiring the right navigator. The experienced legal team of Anthony Curiale and Associates is that navigator. Call us at (714) 684-6922.

Our marijuana law attorneys have represented some of the largest and most complex marijuana cases in the state, some of which have helped to shape the laws and regulations we have today. We possess a comprehensive knowledge of state cannabis laws to guide you through the process of obtaining a marijuana business permit.

The following are several factors we consider when helping our clients enter the cannabis business in California:

  • Location (Local, State, Lease, Politicians)
    • Is it legal use under the local jurisdiction?
    • Is it a legal use under state law?
    • Does the proposed meet local zoning requirements and state proximity?
    • Is the lease/purchase of the property conditioned upon issuance of a local and/or state permit?
    • What information is available regarding the local elected and appointed officials?
  • Business Regulations (Licensing Process, Permit Processing, Fees, Corporate Structure, Taxation)
    • What are the fees and requirements to obtain a local permit?
    • Is the corporate structure and documentation adequate?
    • Do you have the documentation to submit with the permit application? (e.g. Business Plan, Security Plan, Waste Disposal Plan, Labor Agreement, Property Owner Consent, Community Service Plan)
    • What is the tax liability?
  • Building/Zoning Regulations (Land Use Requirements, Expert Consultants, Contractors, Inspectors)
    • What approvals are necessary? (e.g. Conditional Use Permit, Development Agreement, Variance)
    • What consultants will be required? (e.g. Engineer, Architect, Planner, Lobbyist)
    • Do you have a contractor who is experienced with the permit and inspection process?

Anthony Curiale and Associates represents entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking to enter and thrive in the medical and recreational cannabis business industry. Our goal is to ensure our clients are completely in compliance with all rules and regulations in California.

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